Which Chicago Players Belong on Your Fantasy Team?

As everyone prepares for fantasy baseball drafts, one big question is who, on your favorite team, is it safe to draft? People tend to overdraft players on their favorite team just like general managers over value players they’ve drafted. Here is a quick look at potential fantasy players along with a fantasy grade:
  • Zambrano (C/Low Round):  Still has the ‘potential’ label as he nears 30. He won less than 10 games last year but showed up in better shape this spring. He still can’t be counted on for more than 12 wins until proven otherwise.
  • Lilly (C/Low Round): He’ll miss a few starts but has always been the most consistent Cubs pitcher. 13-15 wins and a solid ERA.
  • Peavy (B/Mid Round): The highest chance at success for all Chicago pitchers. After being hurt off-and-on for the last couple years, he’ll bounce back and contend for an A.L. Cy Young award.
  • Buehrle (D/Low Round): He is the leader of the pitching staff in name only. He is fine if your better pitchers get hurt but is now a bottom of the rotation fantasy pitcher.
First Base
  • Lee (C/Mid Round): Even though he is on the wrong side of 35, Lee will still provide 20-30 home runs and a solid average. With 1st base so deep, you can fill in other positions first and come back to 1B in the middle rounds.
  • Konerko (D/Low Round): Will provide15-30 home runs a year but isn’t highly valued since his RBI totals don’t match elite 1st basemen. Could be used in a Utility role or a backup spot.
Second Base
  • Beckham(B+/High to Mid Round): Solid rookie year and multiple position eligibility raises expectations for “Bacon”.
  • Fontenot (F/Don’t Draft): Hasn’t proven to be a solid starter on the Cubs let alone fantasy starter.
Third Base
  • Ramirez (B+/Early to Mid Round):  The best fantasy player on the Cubs. If he can stay healthy he is a top 5 third basemen. Good average, home run totals and RBI.
  • Tehean (F/Don’t Draft): Has multiple position eligibility so keep an eye on him but no need to spend a draft pick on him. Maybe a change in scenery will help but don’t expect much here.
Short Stop
  • Theriot (D/Low Round): Gets caught stealing too much to be valuable in stolen bases category. Little to no power either.
  • Ramirez (C+/Mid to Low Round): Drafted high last year and failed to meet expectations. He was 15/15 last year so he could jump back up as a 20 HR/20 SB player this year. Worth a mid to low draft pick.
  • Soto (C+/Mid to Low Round): He had a tough year last year. Though he isn’t a top 5 catcher now, he has top 10 potential and should fall to a lower round in the draft.
  • Pierzynski (D/Low Round): If you decide to wait until the final rounds to take a catcher he is a good choice.
  • Soriano (B-/Mid to Low Round): Has the best potential for Cubs fantasy outfielders but that isn’t saying much. He might steal 10-15 bases and get 25 home runs if we’re lucky. Very lucky…
  • Byrd (D+/Mid to Low Round): He isn’t being drafted very high, if at all, this year despite a career year in 2009. He will be a solid 4th outfielder and a pleasant surprise for the Cubs this year.
  • Quentin (B-/Mid to Low Round): Hoping to have a bounce back year but might have been a “1 hit wonder”. Stay away from drafting him too high and don’t expect a return to 40 home runs.
  • Rios (D/Low Round): Being drafted low this year but could get 25 home runs and 25 stolen bases in a small ballpark on a team that will run more than last year. Solid 3rd or 4th outfielder and a good late round pick.

One thought on “Which Chicago Players Belong on Your Fantasy Team?

  1. michelle

    I’m giving Soriano a C so far this year because his playing time isn’t guaranteed and he does no favors for my errors column.

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