Chicago Athletes on Lost

What if a plane full of Chicago’s best professional athletes crashed with the survivors stranded on an island? Since my favorite show Lost (ABC) is coming to an end this Sunday, I wanted to match up my favorite Lost characters with our best Chicago athletes. I don’t really know anyone on the Chicago Sky so I kept the list focused on the male characters on the show.

The best comparison to Jack Shephard is Mark Buehrle. Both are vocal team/group leaders who don’t always make the best decisions.  Dr. Shephard has lead the “losties” for 6 seasons now saving lives and making tough decisions. He has also made poor decisions including blowing up a hydrogen bomb which lead to the death of Sawyer’s love, Juliet.  Mark Buehrle has been a White Sox longer than almost any active player and has thrown a perfect game. His E.R.A. is over 4.50 this year and he hasn’t been the best pitcher on his team for several years now. Both of them are leaders but have many imperfections.

A.J. Pierzynski reminds me the most of Sawyer. Both are agitators but very witty. Sawyer has been known as the ‘island jerk’ making fun of everyone from Hugo to Jack on a consistent basis. He is one of the few humorous characters on the show though. A.J. is known around M.L.B. as the one you love to play with but hate to play against. He’ll step on your foot as he crosses first base but always have your back in a team brawl.

Hugo “Hurley” Reyes and Joakim Noah seem like the perfect pair. Crazy, funny and a little out there. Who else would wear a seeksucker suite to a draft than Joakim Noah? And who else would win the lottery and decide to buy a Mr. Clucks and a box factory than Hugo? Of all the Bulls, Noah has the most interesting quotes saying things like “I don’t know about Cleveland, man, there is nothing going on. It’s bad, man.” and “We gotta win it for Vinny.” Hugo brings humor to the group asking if Richard was a “vampire or zombie” and murmuring about cheese curds in his sleep. A conversation between these two would be interesting, to say the least.

Jin-Soo Kwon was quiet, reserved and serious when he first joined the island. Similarly, Derrick Rose was quiet and deferential to his veterans in his rookie year. As Jin learned English and became more comfortable with his surroundings he became more driven on the island. He fought to find his wife and stayed back to attack “the others” in an ambush a couple seasons ago. In year two, Rose has clearly become the team leader and closer at the end of  games. He still doesn’t speak much off the court but we all know who is leading the Bulls now. Both have evolved as characters over time.

Ben Linus and Jay Cutler are serious, often annoyed and sarcastic. Linus often uses sarcasm as humor and Jay has known to be annoyed and sarcastic in his post-game interviews. Neither seem to have much fun as Cutler mostly looks annoyed during games and Ben never seems to be very happy.

Sayid Jarrah is generally a calm character on Lost but has a tendency to snap a neck or slice a throat. Similarly, Carlos Zambrano tries to be calm but usually ends up yelling at an umpire, opposing player or punching a teammate in the face.

Not really a perfect match but I see some of John Locke in Brian Urlacher. These two are generally quite but are always up to something. In recent years, Urlacher has stopped speaking to the local media but finds a way to get his message to team management and the fans. Mr. Locke is known as the island strategizer and hunter. He found boar for the “losties” to eat and always seemed to have a plan even if he never spelled it out.


What do you think?

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