The Score vs. ESPN Radio

Like many sports fans I’m also a big sports radio fan. Unlike smaller cities Chicago is lucky to have 2 well established sports radio talk stations: The Score (WSCR) at AM 670 and ESPN Radio (WMVP) at AM 1000. Both are better options than most everything on the radio but the Score has better overall talent and programming then ESPN Radio. According to the April 2010 Radio Ratings the general listening audience agrees as WMVP lost to the Score in the most important demographics and time slots.

Mike & Mike vs. Mully and Hanley

The morning drive time pits Mike Mulligan and Brian Hanley of the Score against Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic’s national ESPN radio show. Mully and Hanley are 2 local Sun Times sports writers who are funny and work well together. Mully is close to the Bears beat so he brings great insight on the local football team while Hanley has been most recently on the Bulls beat. Greenberg and Golic have been a team on ESPN for over 10 years but are a national radio show so lack the local flair of the Score team. Being a well-known national show allows them to bring high-profile guests and very knowledgeable ESPN reporters to the air. Greenberg is a lifetime journalist and Golic is a former NFL lineman and the 2 have good, contrasting points of views on the national sports topics each day.

Overall, I prefer the Score’s Mully and Hanley because they are funnier, seem less rehearsed and discuss more local topics I’m interested in.

Waddle & Silvy vs. The Danny Mac Show

Waddle and Silvy of ESPN AM 1000 compete against the Danny Mac Show of the Score on middays. Tom Waddle is a former Bears wide receiver who has also spent time on WGN radio and Marc Silverman (Silvy) drives the show. These two work well together with Waddle bringing the most talent. Tom Waddle is also featured on the NFL Network and brings smart football discussion to the radio show. On Score middays are Dan McNeil and Matt Spiegel of the Danny Mac Show. Dan McNeil (featured on the show) was a Score host original in the early 90s but spent most of the past decade on ESPN radio as part of the very popular Mac, Jurko and Harry. He returned to the Score last year and, along with his partner Matt Spiegel, bring entertainment and energy to the Score. Danny Mac isn’t afraid to speak his mind and make unpopular but accurate comments. His show gets good guests and he is one of the few hosts that bring lesser known Score talent like Jason Goff on as guests.

I was excited when I heard Dan McNeil was returning to the Score last year and his show has been as good as I expected. I’d give the edge to the Danny Mac Show over Waddle and Silvy on middays.

The Afternoon Saloon vs. Boers and Bernstein

Boers and Bernstein are the longest running local sports radio show and have been on the Score’s afternoon drive for several years now. Terry Boers is a former long time sports writer and, like Danny Mac, is a Score original. Dan Bernstein is a former minor league sports broadcaster and has been with the Score for more than a decade. These 2 are extremely direct and don’t hesitate to shout down callers who make dumb or inaccurate comments on the air. They tend to veer off sports more than most show hosts so they will lose me once in a while but are funnier than most on the radio.  The Afternoon Saloon puts together Carmen DeFalco, John Jurkovic and Harry Teinowitz. DeFalco was the replacement for Dan McNeil when he moved to the Score and the three fall short of a premier afternoon drive radio show. They benefit from the ESPN name by pulling in guests like John Clayton but aren’t as entertaining as their Score counterparts.

Upon Dan McNeil’s departure Mac, Jurko and Harry became the Afternoon Saloon and lost a lot of its popularity. Boers and Bernstein, though somewhat rude and annoying, are one of the few radio shows which can make me laugh out loud. I’d give them a solid B with the Afternoon Saloon falling short with a C-.

Overall the Score talent bests the ESPN Radio shows and brings more local flavor to the Chicago sports radio dial.


2 thoughts on “The Score vs. ESPN Radio

  1. Niral Patel

    Years later, the 2 stations lineups are still the same aside from Matt Spiegel getting his name added to the show title of The Score’s midday show. Overall, The Score shows still feel more local and less rehearsed that those of ESPN 1000. While both stations get great interviews, ESPN definitely has an edge in getting high profile guests, especially on Mike and Mike in the Morning.

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