Joakim for Carmelo? Noah way

Actually yes way but the headline sounded better that way…

After a recent Yahoo! Sports report there has been much discussion about Carmelo Anthony’s desire to be traded out of Denver. Whether Melo believes the Nuggets are headed in the wrong direction or he just wants his wife, TV personality LaLa, to be in a big city, the Nugget’s loss is another team’s gain. The Chicago spin is another chance at adding a franchise player to the Bulls.

There are recent reports suggesting a deal to send Anthony to the Nets in a 4 team trade is being discussed. With so many teams involved there is a good chance the trade won’t come to fruition though. If the Bulls remain a potential trade partner in the coming weeks, Forman and Paxon should be willing to include Noah in the deal, a major discussion point amongst Bull fans. An opportunity to add a 28 point per game scorer rarely comes along. The Bulls struck out this summer when trying to add a franchise player and trading for Melo is a second chance at accomplishing this.

Last year Joakim Noah averaged 10.7 points and 11.0 rebounds per game. He brings energy to the court and has become a fan favorite. If he keeps improving, Noah could eventually make an all star team and be considered a cornerstone of the Bulls franchise. Taking all that into consideration, the Bulls should have no problem including him in a deal for Carmelo to further improve the team. If they can swing the deal without including him that is obviously preferred but you can more easily replace a high energy rebounder/defender than live without a 30 point per gamer scorer. Anthony is one of the few players in the league that can create his own shot and score from anywhere on the court. With the Miami Heat becoming a super team the Bulls need all the talent they can get. Noah doesn’t require set plays for him to score as most of his points come off rebounds but he’ll never average more than 15 points per game.  While Carmelo will never pull down the number of rebounds Noah will, the Bulls have other big men including Boozer and Kurt Thomas to pick up the slack. The bottom line is the Bulls are a better team if you replace Noah with Anthony and becoming a more talented team is the only way to contend for a championship.

The upcoming Bulls season should be an exciting one even if the Bulls can’t convince Denver to send Carmelo to Chicago. If Paxon and Forman don’t make Noah part of a final trade offer they aren’t doing their job though. As we’re seeing early this football season, getting an All Pro player from Denver has the potential to work out well for Chicago.


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