And the Fantasy Football Award Goes To…

Most fantasy football league champions have been crowned (not me) and football fans are getting ready for the real NFL playoffs. Here is a look at the best (and worst) fantasy performers of 2010.

General Awards

Most Valuable Player/Offensive Player of the Year
The clear stand out in 2010 fantasy football is Michael Vick. He topped all players in fantasy points and had his personal best year ever with a 100.2 passer rating. Through Week 16 he passed for 3018 yards, 21 TDs and rushed for 676 yards, 9 TDs making him a dual threat and the fantasy MVP of 2010.

Defensive Team Player of the Year
The Pittsburgh Steelers defense rose above all others in 2010. The defense gave up a league low 215 points and tied 2 others for the most sacks with 44. The Steelers were also ranked top 10 in interceptions and fumble recoveries making them the number one overall fantasy defense in 2010.

Comeback (Surprise) Player of the Year
There should be no surprise seeing Michael Vick as the surprise player of the year in 2010. He put up fantasy numbers that no one ever could have predicted. Entering the season as a back up he quickly supplanted Kevin Kolb leading his team to the playoffs and many of his fantasy owners to the playoffs.

Offensive Rookie of the Year
Winner: Sam Bradford (3357 yards, 18 TDs)
Runner Up: Mike Williams (924 yards, 10 TDs)

Biggest Disappointment
Winner: Randy Moss (375 yards, 5 TDs)
Runner Up: Ryan Matthews (558 yards, 4 TDs)

Positional Awards

Winner:  Michael Vick (Passing: 3018 yards, 21 TDs, Rushing: 676 yards, 9 TDs)
Runner Up: Aaron Rodgers (3693 yards, 27 TDs)

Running Back
Winner: Arian Foster (1436 yards, 14 TDs)
Runner Up: Adrian Peterson (1267 yards, 12 TDs)

Wide Receiver
Winner: Dwayne Bowe (1094 yards, 15 TDs)
Runner Up: Brandon Lloyd (1375 yards, 10 TDs)

Tight End
Winner: Jason Witten (956 yards, 8 TDs)
Runner Up: Antonio Gates (782 yards, 10 TDs)

Winner: Sebastian Janikowski
Runner Up: David Akers

** all statistics reflect games played before Week 17


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