Up, Down and Sideways (Bears Week 3)

Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears warming up bef...
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The Bears play the Packers this week (9/25 at 3:15ct on Fox) in Chicago. Here is a quick look at the positives and negatives going into the game.

The Green Bay Packers defense is allowing an average of 425 yards passing through 2 games. The quarterbacks involved were Drew Brees and Cam Newton (who knew?!) but Jay Cutler has the talent to put up big numbers too. If the Bears are able to cobble together a halfway decent blocking scheme and find a better run to pass ratio, Cutler could expose a defense struggling to match last year’s dominance.

Where to begin… The safety position is featured heavily on this week’s injury report. This is very bad news since Aaron Rodgers is among the best quarterbacks in the league. Major Wright and Chris Harris are currently questionable which leaves the secondary with Brandon Meriweather (still learning) and Chris Steltz (still mediocre) as starters. If Chris Harris can get on the field Sunday I’ll feel a little better.

The offense line is clearly a mess. Pass rushers like Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson could make it another painful Sunday for Cutler. Mike Martz and Mike Tice should be prepared for Dom Capers attacking defense after what they witnessed in New Orleans but the injuries on the offensive line might be too much to keep Jay upright. At least the Bears are at home where the line will be able to hear Cutler and Garza as they call out line protections.


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