Up, Down and Sideways (Bears Preview Week 10)

Detroit Lions vs NY Giants NFL

The Detroit Lions (6-2) enter Soldier Field to face the Bears (5-3) this Sunday, November 13 at 3:15 P.M. The Bears come into the game on a three game winning streak and are back in the wild card race. With half the games behind them, they currently hold the 6th seed. But with the NFC North title practically out of reach, a division win this week is crucial.

The Lions entered the season with two promising young running backs in Jahvid Best and Mikel Leshoure. Both will miss Sunday’s game, Best with a concussion and Leshoure with a torn achilles tendon. Maurice Morris and Keiland Williams will carry the load on Sunday but neither have the explosiveness of Best or potential of Leshoure. The Bears defense can focus on shutting down the high-flying passing game as the Lions should be ineffective rushing the ball.

Returner extraordinaire/so-so wide out Devin Hester showed up on the Bears injury report as questionable this week. The offense will notice his absence if he can’t play but not because of his receiver skills. The Bears are a mediocre 17th in total yards gained half way through the season yet the team is top ten in points per game at 25.0. The team relies on good field position provided by the special teams to put up their points. If Hester misses the game Knox and Bennett will do fine but it’s impossible for them to instill fear in an opponent the way Devin can.

Matthew Stafford has only 4 interceptions this season, tied for 26th in the league. He doesn’t make many mistakes which spells trouble for a Bears defense that relies on turnovers for success. However, nickelback D.J. Moore caught one of Stafford’s interceptions during their week 5 match up. If he or one of the other defensive backs can notch at least one interception this weekend, the Bears should keep the game within reach.


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