Will Marquess Wilson End Up Being A Steal?

By the seventh round of the NFL Draft, most teams are simply just taking a stab in the dark and hoping they find a nice, complimentary player to help their team. With the Chicago Bears, their 2013 seventh rounder Marquess Wilson might have the talent to be much more than that. The question is, can he straighten up and contribute at a high level for the Bears?

At Washington State, Wilson first made headlines for his ability on the field. His 3207 career receiving yards and 23 touchdowns for the Cougars made him a solid middle of the draft pick, but then towards the end of his college career, he began to grab headlines for different reasons.

First, the receiver broke team rules. He then followed that up by leaving Washington State, slamming the coaching staff and making himself look like a potential cancer to any locker room.

The Bears had little production from any receiver not named Brandon Marshall last season, and that led to their late-season collapse. Wilson has the talent to contribute, even as a rookie, but the Bears know that he has some growing up to do.

With players returning from injury, Wilson appears to be a lock to snatch up that fourth spot on the depth chart at wide receiver. He has the makings of a talented wide receiver in the NFL, standing 6’3” and having speed to burn (4.51 40 yard dash).

His lankiness is a concern, but other than that he should find at least some time on the field in 2013. An injury or two could really open up things for him as well making him a contender for a sleeper pick when the draft for your fantasy football leagues come around. The pick was more about the future and straightening him out. With some added bulk and a better attitude towards the sport, Wilson could be a solid #2 receiver in the NFL.

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