No Run Option Offense for the Chicago Bears Right Now

After the rumors started swirling about the Chicago Bears being the latest team to implement the run option offense, both Jay Cutler and new head coach Mark Trestman shot it down. Although Trestman did not totally rule it out with the Bears going forward, it appears as though the offense won’t change too dramatically in 2013.

Cutler has always been an underrated runner, and his ability to pick up yards and keep himself protected are valuable traits. However, just one thing has to go wrong for Cutler to be knocked out of the game and possibly miss some time. The last few seasons in Chicago would be all the proof anyone needs that an injury would not just frustrate fantasy football owners, it would crush the team’s playoff chances.

The rumors began when Trestman took over, and people started to look at the players on the roster. They have the building blocks for the run option to be put in, but at 30 years old, now might be a little late in the game for a quarterback to learn new tricks. Right now, the run option seems to be the latest trend in the NFL, but some still worry as to whether or not teams will have sustainable success using it.

Trestman has a history of focusing on efficient, short-passing offenses with athletic quarterbacks, but he also knows that he must adjust accordingly with the team he has been given. As was the case last season, Cutler can only be so good if the blocking is substandard again for him. In order for him to have success in finding Brandon Marshall and company, the team needs to protect him more before they can even think about constantly relying on the run option.

The run option offense might be trending in the NFL, but do not expect to see much (if any) of it at Soldier Field.


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