Changing Voices at 670 The Score


UPDATE (12/23/13):

As discussed in detail on Robert Feder’s Chicago media website, Dan McNeil made his return to WSCR this past week. The apologetic radio host hopes to win back the trust of fans and co-workers  alike. Welcome back, Danny Mac!


Middays on 670 The Score sound different lately.  The McNeil and Spiegel Show has somewhat quietly transformed itself into Spiegel and Holmes with Score veteran Lawrence Holmes taking Dan McNeil’s spot on-air. Station program director Mitch Rosen confirmed the reason for Danny Mac’s sudden absence, “Dan McNeil is on a personal leave of absence. He appreciates all the people who have reached out and he hopes to be back on the air soon.” 670 The Score management isn’t sharing the exact reason for McNeil’s absence though, in 2012, battles with depression and substance abuse led McNeil to step away from the microphone for an extended period of time. Here’s hoping that soon all is well with the veteran Chicago sports talker.

A former ESPN Radio cohort of Dan McNeil can now be found on AM 670. After more than two decades with WMVP, Bruce Levine is joining The Score team to impart his baseball wisdom to us all. His depth of baseball knowledge and connections within the Cubs and White Sox will be appreciated on the Bear heavy station. Paired with Ben Finfer, check out Bruce Levine Saturday mornings on 670 The Score.


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