RE: Do the Chicago Bears really think Jimmy Clausen is the answer?

Jimmy Clausen

From Hub Arkush at Chicago Football on December 17, 2014:

Could it be either Emery, Trestman or both believe they can save their jobs by having Clausen jumpstart the offense, thus justifying the release of Cutler, the digestion of $38 million worth of dumb and thus convincing ownership all will be well if they are brought back for another year of chaos without Cutler? If so, they’re even dumber than we thought, or more out of touch with reality than anyone could have imagined possible.

Has it really come to this? The wildly dysfunctional Bears organization bumbled their way into benching Jay Cutler — the highest paid player in the NFL — in favor of scrap-heap second-stringer, Jimmy Clausen. Cutler has been bad, there is no way around it. A franchise quarterback shouldn’t be 18th in the league in passer rating. He can’t lead the league in interceptions, tossing more picks than even rookie Blake Bortles. And his yards per pass attempt wouldn’t be in the bottom 15% percentile. Unless you’re the Bears and your franchise QB is Jay Cutler. But benching him? It’s Marc Trestman’s finally hail mary as Bears’ head coach.

The Bears’ head coach all but admitted failure when discussing the Cutler-Trestman partnership: “… we’ve seen moments, but we haven’t done it on a consistent basis. I can’t hide from that. I haven’t been able, and we haven’t been able, to do the thing that we want to get done. I’m trying to give you the most truthful answer and that is, we’ve seen moments of it, but it’s not where we need to go. It’s not where we need to be.” Trestman has run out of ideas. The Bears’ head coach has given up. And that’s the reason it’s time to clean house at Halas Hall. Because Trestman, above all else, was brought to Chicago to make Jay Cutler the quarterback we envision instead of the quarterback he is. And that will never happen.

Even into late November, I wasn’t ready to give up on this coaching staff. Because impatience and short-sighted thinking is bad for sports franchises. The worst ones — like the Knicks and Raiders — cycle through general managers and coaches so fast that few experienced, well-respected professionals will take on the job. It breeds a top-down culture of losing. Who wants that for any of their teams? But Trestman, and general manager Phil Emery, have allowed the wheels to fall off in Chicago. I can forgive a bad season. I cannot forgive an embarrassing one. The duo’s inability to keep infighting to a minimum, hold players accountable for how they play and what they say, and even keep OC Aaron Kromer quiet says it all.

So add the Jay Cutler benching to the list of folly we’ve witnessed this season. Do Emery and Trestman believe their jobs will be safe if Jimmy Clausen shows some promise? Like Hub Arkush said “If so, they’re even dumber than we thought…” Bring on the off-season.

Niral Patel ~ ~ @SecCitySports


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