Jay Cutler Looking For A Bounce Back 2015 Campaign


In 2014, the Chicago Bears very well could have been the most disappointing team in the NFL. They were unable to get anything going, and they finished with one of the worst records in the league. People in fantasy football leagues blamed Jay Cutler, even if it was not all his fault. With that being said, he is looking for a much better 2015 season. Will he be able to deliver?

Chicago knew that they needed to make some changes, so they went to work. Brandon Marshall is no longer with the team, as he was moved to the New York Jets. For most of his career, he has been a go-to target for Cutler. They had a bit of a falling out, and neither had productive seasons in fantasy football leagues. A fresh start might actually be beneficial.

Cutler certainly needs help in 2015 to get the job done, and that starts with the offensive line. They need to do a better job protecting him, as he has taken so many hits already in his career. If he has a bit more time, he might be able to consistently find targets. He has to deal with a somewhat depleted receiving corps, but rookie Kevin White is certainly intriguing. He should be a standout in fantasy football leagues simply by the amount of targets he will get. The always dependable Matt Forte also helps Cutler, because he can be a familiar face to dump the ball to out of the backfield.

No one is giving Chicago much of a chance in the playoff race, but Cutler should be better. Chicago paid him a lot of money to be their man for the next few years. They need him to bounce back, or this team will be in a terrible situation.


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