RE: Late defensive collapse ruins Jay Cutler’s gritty fourth-quarter touchdown

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Jeff Dickerson, with ESPN Chicago, placed the weight of the Bears’ shortcomings in Sunday’s loss to the Vikings on the defense:

Good teams find ways to win. The Bears found a way to lose, in grueling fashion.

It’s another painful reminder of how much work is left to do in Chicago. Fox’s team fought hard for nearly four quarters, but gave the game away with a pair of defensive breakdowns — another example of how the Bears simply lack the talent to finish the season above .500 clubs.

Don’t blame an Antrelle Rolle gaff or try to suggest a complete defensive collapse caused the Bears to tally yet another deflating loss. Sure, the defense lacked a wow factor but Vic Fangio’s crew performed well enough to win.

The offensive training wheels have to go. John Fox placed a governor on Adam Gase, Jay Cutler and this offense to prevent turnovers. It’s also limiting the number of points going on the scoreboard and causing fans to nod off by halftime. The first half against the Vikings was stifled with far too many safe play calls–we can only watch so many bubble screens. Points win games; Fox must allow Gase to unleash the offense for all four quarters if the Bears want to rack up some wins.

Niral Patel ~ ~ @SecCitySports


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