RE: When is Bulls’ hierarchy going to speak the truth about unreliable Derrick Rose?

Rick Morrissey, with the Chicago Sun-Times, claims the Bulls are better off with Derrick Rose on the bench. On January 15, 2016 the long-time sports columnist wrote off Rose and his impact the team.

The Bulls aren’t better when Rose is playing. There can’t be any sense of continuity for anyone on the team when he plays well one game, struggles for a couple more, plays well for two games and then hurts his (body part here)…

But, again, just because you’re stuck with Rose doesn’t mean you have to stick him in the starting lineup. At this point, I’d prefer Aaron Brooks to the constant uncertainty of which Rose will show up (or whether none of them will.)

My first question: how does Rick Morrissey, a mostly uninspiring scribe, hang on to his sports column at a major urban newspaper? His latest piece on Derrick Rose and the muted Bulls executive duo is another example of simplistic arguments that lack thought-provoking ideas or sound judgements. I don’t get it. Moving on…

Benching Derrick Rose in favor of off-the-bench spark plug Aaron Brooks is a ridiculous scheme. Is Rose flailing this season? Sure. Up-and-down performances coupled with nagging injuries have him playing on his heels instead of his toes. But Rose is lost, not bad. He’s floundering under Fred Hoiberg’s system, a reality that’s even more visible by Jimmy Butler’s emergence as the number one Bulls. Talent remains within the former MVP and the Bulls have no chance at winning a championship this season without an inspired Derrick Rose. Benching him solves nothing.

Bulls’ fans have witnessed flashes of D-Rose brilliance throughout this off-kilter season–hyperspeed drives to the rim and high-arching floaters still catch our eyes. The head coach must work harder to integrate Rose into the offense and, more importantly, build up his confidence. GarPax should charge Hoiberg with exciting a more aggressive, fearless Derrick Rose. They wanted a coach that could inspire offensive excellence as well as pace the team to win games when it counted most. This Bulls team won’t succeed against the Cavaliers–the only Eastern Conference competition that matters–with a lackluster, passive version of Derrick. A deep playoff run demands the best out of both Butler and Rose. The rest of the roster–Gasol, Portis, Mirotic, McDermott, Gibson–can support these stars but cannot replicate the ways each of them can impact a game.

Don’t give up on Derrick Rose just yet. Let him fall down during the season and, when the time comes, pick him up and make him lead the charge to take down LeBron and the Cavs. John Paxson, Gar Forman, Fred Hoiberg, basketball analysts and smart fans know that’s the only way this thing works.

Niral Patel ~ ~ @SecCitySports


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