RE: Pro Football Weekly Returns…

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So far March has brought Chicagoans whipping snow, chilling cold and more bad Bulls basketball. As Chicagoland Radio and Media recently reported, it also returns a familiar name to football fans–Pro Football Weekly is back!

From 1967 through 2013, Pro Football Weekly was America’s largest news-magazine devoted exclusively to professional football. The magazine’s final owner, Gatehouse Media, ended the publication (and its website) when advertising revenue could not keep up with the printing and distribution costs.

Last year, Arkush was able to regain the rights to the PFW name from Gatehouse Media. Teaming up with Chicago area media publishers Shaw Media, Arkush brought back PFW’s annual NFL Preview Magazines and Fantasy Football Guides.

As of March 1, 2016, PFW is back on a full-time basis. The website, officially re-launched this morning.

Hub Arkush, the former and current Editor-in-Chief of Pro Football Weekly, hasn’t been muted during its hibernation period. His website, has brought us plenty of Bears news and commentary while his time on 670 The Score is some combination of infuriating, interesting and entertaining.

But I’m happy, for Arkush and my fellow football fans, that he and PFW are reunited once again. The PFW website, while not considered the prettiest on the block, delivers stellar news and commentary on teams, players, coaches and front office personnel across the NFL. Welcome back to the big leagues, PFW!


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