RE: An Irresistible Force Rises in Chicago

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Among the interesting tidbits in Rany Jazayerli’s recent piece on The Ringer is a nicely painted picture of the Chicago Cubs’ championship drought.

The last Cubs title predates modern skyscrapers, toasters, home air conditioning, sliced bread, and Arizona. The weight of 1908 has proved not only immovable, but unapproachable since 1945, the last time the Cubs even played in the World Series. The last Cubs pennant predates the United Nations, Israel, India, and integration. Decades of Cubs fans have been born, lived full lifespans, and died without ever witnessing their team win a championship.

Let that sink in for a minute. There was no nation-state of India the last time the team won the National League pennant. Sliced bread wasn’t a thing when the North Side ball club brought home its last World Series trophy–championship rings weren’t even given out back then.

The 2016 Cubs hold an almost double-digit lead on its closest division rival, a nearly .700 win percentage and the most wins in baseball. The baseball juggernaut is building steam to rival the Chicago heat and everyone–team executives, coaches, players, fans and media members–expects the Cubs to secure a World Series title before our country elects its first woman (or former Celebrity Apprentice judge) as president.


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