RE: Why Jimmy Butler Wanted Dwayne Wade to Sign with the Bulls

Embed from Getty Images

Earlier this summer–July 3oth to be exact–Vincent Goodwill of CSN Chicago talked about Jimmy Butler’s willingness to recruit big name stars to play alongside him with the new-look, old-aged Chicago Bulls:

Free agent acquisitions Wade and Rajon Rondo have openly said Butler is the first name on the basketball masthead, but Butler has termed them “the three Alphas”. Regardless of what Butler has said before publicly about not being concerned with his standing in the locker room of the Chicago Bulls, he’s feeling more and more comfortable with the position of leadership—perhaps emboldened by the validation of the two.

The composition of this Bulls’ roster–particularly “the three Alphas” troika–feels like a recipe for disaster. Despite Jimmy’s insistence that he doesn’t need to be “the guy” in the Bulls’ locker room, his past actions and words suggest otherwise. And know this, Dwayne Wade has demurred on-court to exactly two teammates in his career–Shaq and LeBron–making it unlikely for him to take a backseat in his return to Chicago. I’m not as worried about Rondo who should be the best version of himself while playing on a short contract. While pot stirring may not be in Rajon’s near future, the point guard certainly won’t go out of his way to help Butler assume the mantle as Chicago’s face of the franchise.

Even if you put all that aside, this feels like a team built to keep GarPax employed rather than one designed to be a foundational step forward for a championship run. The mix of Butler, Wade and Rondo is a dream combo for the media but may well be a true basketball fan’s nightmare.


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