RE: Kevin White shows progress in final exhibition…

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After the Bears defeated the Browns in Chicago’s preseason finale Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune reflected on the hopefulness that comes with Kevin White’s performance.

The route was precise, the cut decisive. Kevin White broke back hard to meet the ball, snaring Brian Hoyer’s pass cleanly, then slithering past Browns cornerback Charles Gaine for extra yardage. It was a brief moment in the first quarter of a mostly trivial exhibition finale Thursday night. But for the Bears, and much more so for White, every dash of success at this point means something. Whatever White takes away from that 15-yard catch should help moving forward.

What I caught of the Bears’ preseason tells me it’s going to be an up-and-down season for the club. Shaky offensive performances across four straight weeks also makes clear the fact that Kevin White–not Alshon Jeffery, Jeremy Langford or Jay Cutler–will be the key to avoiding a rudderless offense in 2016. Last season, the Bears’ offense struggled leaning on Jeffery, Forte and Langford to move the ball forward. We need something more this fall to stand a chance in the NFC North. That something more is most obviously Kevin White.

If Kevin White fails to perform expect another limp-along offensive season in Chicago. If White emerges as a Pro Bowl level talent presume the Bears will challenge the Packers as division champion in 2016. Flourish and flatness are the two ends of the spectrum for the upcoming Bears’ season–let’s see which way White tips that scale.


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