RE: Miggy Makes ‘Em Pay

Embed from Getty Images

Rian Watt’s stellar breakdown of the Cubs 8-4 game one victory over the Dodgers in Wrigleyville Baseball Prospectus included this well-phrased observation of an all-grown-up Cubs’ organization.

All over Wrigley tonight, you saw the Cubs taking advantage of a killer combination: their players’ tremendous baseball instincts and talents, matched with and supported by thoughtful preparation by the entire organization.

Indeed, it all came together last night in Wrigley Field in a very October baseball sort of way. Jon Lester threw another playoff gem allowing just one run–a windblown home run by Andre Ethier–in six innings. The Cubs’ bullpen was good enough to keep the Dodgers from ever taking a lead. Dexter Fowler was among the defense wizards that erased a few pitching mistakes. And big hits when it mattered most (Miggy FTW!) gave the Cubs a 1-0 series lead in what shall be an exciting, gut-wrenching National League Championship Series.


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