RE: Dwyane Wade: ‘League is different today’ when it comes to free agency

These Chicago Bulls are not terrible and, frankly, I’m surprised. Sure it’s early but maybe this season won’t be the disaster many of us expected. Much of the team’s strong start is credited to Dwayne Wade’s offseason defection from the Heat. Nick Friedell, of ESPN Chicago, sheds some light on the new realities of NBA free agency.

The league is different today,” Wade said. “The league is all about relationships, player relationships. Obviously presidents and GMs have their job to do to put teams together, but when it comes to free agency, that’s player relationships more than anything. It’s where an individual wants to go, so you have to feel comfortable with where you’re going and who you’re going with. And it starts in that process. Maybe you have a relationship with a guy, maybe you don’t, but it starts in that process when guys are able to reach out to you and you see.

As much as old school fans and long-retired NBA players disagree, Wade’s assessment on the state of today’s free agency makes a whole lot of sense. While teams of yesteryear were shaped by general managers selling their roster’s potential, teams across today’s National Basketball Association are often designed by players that want to play together. That fact reminds us why the previous Bulls crew could never bring a second true superstar to play alongside Derrick Rose who, famously, never felt the need to recruit.


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