RE: A bad last drive and amnesia about Jordan Howard doom Bears

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The Chicago Bears (3-10) lost again. This time to the NFC North leading Detroit Lions (9-4). The surprise isn’t that they lost–that’s commonplace for a team who’s wandering through a lost season. As Rick Morrissey writes in the Chicago Sun Times it’s the lack of offensive vision that has fans shaking their heads.

…what was Loggains thinking? Howard averaged 6.6 yards a carry Sunday. He had runs of 28 and 31 yards. The Bears were not fighting to come back from a huge deficit. They didn’t need to throw the ball 32 times (to 17 runs). Loggains continues to forget about his best weapon, choosing instead to put the game into an inexperienced quarterback’s hands. That’s fine if you’re trying to put yourself in the best position in next year’s draft but not so fine if you’re trying to win football games.
Loggains looks like he has preconceived ideas of what an offense should look like rather than two eyes that can see the obvious in front of him. And where is head coach John Fox, old blood and guts, yelling into his headset for Loggains to knock it off already and run the football?

Jordan came into the game with five 100 yards games this season. He rushed for more than 100 yards in all three of the Bears’ victories. He finished with 86 Sunday. Give him 10 more rushes and maybe he breaks another big gain. And perhaps we’re discussing a Bears victory right now. With 3:17 left in the game, three timeouts left and only a field goal needed to tie, the Bears started their last drive with seven straight passes. Jordan Who?

Your quarterback is journeyman Matt Barkley. Your receivers are second and third stringers that drop an unrespectable number of passes. Your running back is breakout sensation Jordan Howard, a rookie that’s top-ten in all major rushing categories. None of those facts suggest you should throw the ball nearly double the number of times you run it when the game is well within reach. John Fox is a run-first, run-second, throw-if-you-must kind of head coach that, for some reason, has allowed his new offensive coordinator to call plays that fly in the face of logic. Inexcusable.


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